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Rather, he was a workaholic aware of the value of being perceived as such.“I never heard him speak romantically about a woman,” said Trump’s former attorney Jay Goldberg, who was often by his side during those years.

“I heard him speak romantically about his work.”“Give him a Hershey’s bar and let him watch television,” Goldberg said. not Godiva, just something from the newsstand.”Kate Bohner, co-author of The Art of the Comeback, said, “There were times when I’d see him chatting up a bevy of gorgeous creatures, and I can see how an outsider might think he was in it to win it, so to speak.

They look like two light posts coming out of a body.” In another clip, Trump said, “A person who is very flat-chested is very hard to be a 10.”He “ranked” other women, saying Marcia Cross was a “solid four to five.”Stern had a huge national audience and made a name for himself with off-color questions, like this one, to Trump: “Is oral sex important to you?

Man to man, and I’ve had this discussion with many men.”Trump responded, “No, it’s not important to me.”In his recent interview with The Washington Post, Trump said he and Stern “had great moments” on the air, but he acknowledged he would not have said certain things had he known then that he would eventually be running for office.

When he threw parties at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Fla., they said, Trump got his friends at modeling agencies to send women who floated around his pool and piled into his limousine.

After he bought the Miss Universe pageant in 1996, Trump was seen by a national TV audience in a sea of contestants in bathing suits and high heels.“There’s 100 beautiful women and 10 guys. ” said Roger Stone, a political adviser who has known Trump for decades, recalling the Palm Beach parties. I mean it was great.”Trump’s own comments focused attention on his libido, not just his skyscrapers.

Over 15 years, radio shock jock Howard Stern and his buddy Donald Trump periodically carried on like towel-snapping “bros” in a locker room, rating women’s tops and bottoms, debating whether oral sex is “important,” and egging each other on about whether they would like to go to bed with a number of people, from Cindy Crawford to Diane Sawyer.“You could’ve gotten her, right? Trump replied, “I would do it without hesitation.”Trump’s crude talk on-air with Stern between 19 was part of an image he cultivated as a Manhattan playboy who had so many women that he barely had time to sleep.

In his 1997 Art of the Comeback, he wrote, “If I told the real stories of my experiences with women, often seemingly very happily married and important women, this book would be a guaranteed best-seller (which it will be anyway! Women themselves — some very famous — were linking themselves to me. All of the attention differentiated Trump from other wealthy real estate developers.

“I only remember him finishing the day [by] going home, not necessarily with a woman but with a bag of candy . But never did I feel that it was anything other than part of his shtick to fuel the Trump brand. Trump being more paternal toward women than playboy.”Peter Osnos, who edited Trump’s 1987 The Art of the Deal, said that Trump “cultivated celebrity” but that “his lifestyle was surprisingly unglamorous.”“He’s quite disciplined in some ways,” Osnos said.

“Doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink.”Trump’s effort to adjust his image was apparent in the fall, when, as a candidate, he appeared again on the air with his old pal Stern.

“Or I wouldn’t have gone on the show because that is the easier way of doing it,” Trump said.

Trump said Stern is a good friend, “a really good guy and a very different guy when you take the radio microphone away.” Stern declined to comment.

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